Posted: May 19, 2011 1:32 am
by Oldskeptic
From the article:
This discovery thus nails one of Richard Dawkins’ favourite “proofs” of evolution in The Greatest Show on Earth.

Dawkins doesn't have or need a favorite "proof." The Greatest Show on Earth was about providing comprehensive evidence for the theory of evolution in book form for the general public. For anyone to think that Dawkins' argument hinges on any one thing that he considers evidence is absurd. He provides almost 500 pages of hard evidence, but the author of the article wants to pick on a small section where Dawkins comments on good design vs bad design.

It's like cackling about a graceful dancer stubbing a toe on a table leg and declaring that they can't dance.

But judging by his record, he will not give up his fallacious arguments in the cause of his atheopathic faith.

Judging Dawkins by his record? In evolutionary science? Fallacious? Only a rabid creationist without any valid arguments against evolutionary theory could come up with this.

Atheopathic is not a real term or word, but it can only mean two things: Either "suffering from atheism" making it a mental disease or it means an atheist that is the willing passive partner in anal sex.

I think that the author is a Christopathic. Probably suffering from the former.

Ted Haggard probably was both the former and the latter.

People like the author of this article and those at his "Christian" website and sites like it remind me of frustrated monkeys at the zoo that have nothing better to do than throw their own shit at people standing outside their cage.