Posted: Oct 27, 2011 2:49 pm
by Brain man
also let it be noted that darkchilde will not reverse her decision that this is pseudoscience. I will PM her to tell her there is more articles. So far she has put many articles into this section, and branded them pseudoscience. Now if i search for these authors i find the word psuedoscience branded to their names and theories at the top of google.

This is damaging, not only a form of libel but without good thought and reason. I shall be fighting this for as long as it takes,and have been collecting, documents, legal info for a while and this might be amalgamated into a website SEO for the term pseudoscience. It could get pretty messy and she including anybody else that is turning a blind eye to this activity could find themselves at the center of something one day regretting these moments.

Its nothing more than a power trip which requires words steeped in psychology i cannot say here to relegate this discussion into pseudoscience. However at the same time by the fact this is happening, the word pseudoscience itself will eventually lose its meaning completely to its intended use. Who is going to take it seriously when its eventually realized that a great number of contemporary and genuine science works that are nothing more than in a stage of development are branded as if they were astrology or creationism ?

The number of mods who were on power trips at RDF now eating humble pie in forums and meetups where they are shunned or considered badly is a testament to the fact that in science people remember these activities. Its not like business or other fields where you can just get away with this kind of thing, then move on into the crowd to your next project and its all forgotten. Science has a very long term memory.