Posted: Oct 27, 2011 5:06 pm
by Pulsar
Annila wrote:It is the combustion of bound forms of
energy to the free form of energy by stars, pulsars, black
holes etc. that powers the expansion. This is to say, the Big
Bang did not happen – it is still going on.

What a giant pile of crap. "The combustion of bound forms of energy to the free form of energy"? What does that even mean? Is he saying that the universe is expanding due to some radiation pressure? If stars are somehow powering the expansion, then why aren't galaxies flying apart? After all, the "energy outburst" would be greatest close to the stars and decrease with the square of the distance, right? Annila not only denies GR, which makes his calculations worthless, he even seems to ignore SR. After all, as the relative velocities of the galaxies increase, it would take more energy to accelerate them further. So why doesn't the expansion of the universe slow down? In addition, how does Annila explain the time dilation of type Ia Supernova lightcurves, which is in complete agreement with GR (, §4.1)?

This whole paper is a complete mess. How on earth this slipped through peer review, I've no idea. The referee should be tarred and feathered :nono:

btw, Annila has produced more 'gems'. Look at this: On page 12, in Theorem 7.2, he claims to have proved the Riemann Hypothesis!!! :crazy: Luckily, this bullshit hasn't passed peer review.