Posted: Oct 28, 2011 1:56 am
by Jumbo
Do you know what this is ?

No this is not tired light. Unlike the wikipedia article there has been work an improvements on it published since 2001 that improve the calculations.

I know its not the first time i have come across Mr Ashmore. IIRC when i was on the Bad Astronomy forum his ideas got a mauling for the simple reason that they didn't work.

His Ashmores paradox for example only works if he cherry picks the value of the Hubble constant to be what he wants. It only works if he picks about the lowest possible value. Any other value found in data doesn't work. Almost all of the values for H0 in other surveys (see these for example make his calculations meaningless. His own website lists a bunch of the values which shows his calculation to be anywhere upto 40% off and then he goes and averages the values found by experiment which means nothing and proclaims his model then fits. Actually its pretty much numerology.

He also requires a huge amount of electrons to pervade intergalactic space and thus for intergalactic space to have a large charge. Something that i don't think is observed.