Posted: Oct 28, 2011 9:00 am
by Jumbo
Fourth Property of Electrons? Electric Dipole Moment Would Explain Creation of Universe

Interesting though this is it can't create the imbalance in charge required by Ashmore.

Universal Vortical Singularity enlightenment on the dipole anisotropy pattern of CMBR

This site though is just plain silly. The appearance of a 'vortex' in the CMBR is only there because of the chosen projection to fit it onto a 2 dimensional screen. It also at times misrepresents the big bang as an explosion. it chucks out GR and requires a completely new theory of gravity oh and it requires an all pervading aether comprised of some sort of plasma. Plasma cosmologies are hampered by the slight issue that none of them work and they don't match observation.