Posted: Nov 06, 2011 4:54 pm
by Brain man
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However we are in a new age now where scientists as a group are in a last gasp desperate struggle to try and make old models fit, basically because that represents their life, consciousness, career meaning etc all tied up into one, and are desperate to make it consistent with a pile of old stuff that makes many go bleary and teary eyed with nostalgia. e.g.


Yeah, all the scienticians aren't nouveaux smart like Brain Man and Harley. They're the establishmentTM, otherwise known as the manTM, or perhaps academiaTM.

The better to see your conspiracy theories with...

In case you havent been keeping up to date with the news, academia is collapsing under its own weight, and theres not many of the current generation willing to prop it up anymore. So whats going to happen ? Well obviously great slices of it are going to fall apart. If anything spearthrowers comments about harleys process are what is happening in academia. Increasing amounts of resources going into sticking plasters for theories with major problems. Physics and evolution mostly. Amazingly there are plenty of solutions, but it seems nobody in the US system dare question that the fix might involve a rethink of some fundamentals.

creationism has something to do with it. Its created a climate where some of the scientific points the creationists have made are actually very valid. ... sor-myers/ ... =apture-20 ... he-is.html

Whats going on is that creationists have resources to buy some actually pretty competent scientists and create very comprehensive lists of holes in evolution. Purely strategic for their own purposes of course. i.e. to prop up their own taxpayers for want of a better word. The strange result is these people they employ are now producing the better science from what i can make out. Myers and dawkins even had to rewind their view on structuralism recently. 2 years ago myers was calling that crackpot science.

See its not simple. You cant just pick a side and expect thats it. stick to what academics release and all will be OK. life is never that easy.