Posted: Dec 07, 2011 2:18 am
by kaka
Has a very interesting thheory on the world.

Now I know that he ponders to the whole flat earth theory and that could put some people off. But he is very charismatic and is just intoxicating the way he gets his view across, you just can't ignore him.

Basically in his video and his stand up tours, he claims to have hard evidence that not only is the world flat, but its actually infinite. Its a bit hard to explain but the info page on his facebook reveals all on his ideas. ... 07?sk=info Look at his career:

surface expert photo realist painter large scale/ composer performer/chemist, herbalist healing consultant, engineer, architect, interior designer, carpenter, explorer portrait artist, doctor, scientist, political expert , historian

So you maybe thinking of switiching off immedeatly. But hold on. He use to work for NASA and claims to have inside information. NASA is part of a conspiracy to cover this all up. Look at this youtube called TheNasaChannel - ... ture=watch

By looking at his viddeos. I can't help but think how bad ass he sounds. Just check him out ripping Stephen Hawkins to pieces.