Posted: Dec 27, 2011 10:54 pm
by Moonwatcher
He just baselessly asserts that nobody can figure out how people of that technological level could have moved those blocks of stone. It's the same thing Creationists do, just asserting "facts" that are not facts at all. There have been numerous theories of how it could be done, some with actual demonstrations to show that it works, such as the one Cali posted.

Using rocks for turning the blocks and numerous logs to roll the blocks, it has been shown that one person can move tons using strictly prehistoric technology. Then add that there were thousands of people involved in moving the stone blocks for things like the pyramids.

Not all people from thousands of years ago were "piss-stained nomads". Some people thousands of years ago were geniuses that put modern day Creationists and Conspiracy theorists to shame, especially considering the access to modern information these Creationists and Conspiricists have and simply ignore in favor of their ignorance.