Posted: Mar 04, 2012 11:55 am
by campermon
Paul G wrote:We may have some newcomers.

Aye! some comedy gold from that thread;

Oliver Dowding wrote: ‎@ Paul, G & H. I'm sure there are some companies in the homoeopathic sector making some profits. Thank goodness. All businesses need to do that survive. However, the profits being made in the pharmaceutical world are phenomenal. Take a look at the share prices of pharmaceutical companies, far outperforming most from all the other sectors. But only possible if investors see extraordinary returns being made by the company that inspires them to invest in it. These companies can even afford £billions that they have to pay in fines for various nefarious practices. Not forgetting, of course, that although its "they" who are paying, as the taxpayers who fund all of their activity through such as the NHS, it's actually us citizens who are paying.

Science hasn't proven homoeopathy doesn't work. It simply tried to use RCT modelling to debunk it and protect its own profitable business. Try as you might, RCT modelling isn't the way to judge homoeopathy. A few scientists" understand about homoeopathy, and that its efficacious, even if they are not completely sure of the modus operandi. But because you don't, and because you want it axed, you are happy to insist on that version of science being the only possible way things can be assessed.

Why don't you go down to the Bristol homoeopathic hospital and discuss with the doctors there? Ask them about the basket cases that they receive from the NHS, where all the conventional options have failed. I think the record with 15 consultants who tried and failed, for which the hospital produced and 80% improvement in very short time. Why don't you go to India and meet the hundreds of thousands of practising homoeopaths, both in the animal and human sphere, and discuss with them what they're doing. Remember, you and all your fellow cynical snipers, there are those who investigate and do, and discover that things work better or differently than those with closed preconceived opinions think, and then get on and use their new knowledge. These people have often come to understand this after a very conventional medical education, and years in practice. The often then use both forms of medical knowledge and treatment, not seeing either as exclusive.
There are others, like yourselves, who cling to the belief that because they/you say it doesn't work that therefore it cannot work, and the rest of us jolly well better believe it, because you say so. They like to cite, as you do, research undertaken by people who have the same approach and belief.

I'm surprised you haven't bothered to mention the magician Randi. Somebody else who doesn't understand how it works, and when presented with research that is going to debunk his long-held views, and claim his $1m prize, finds all kinds of ways to duck and dive and avoid being unmasked, and having to pay.

I suggest you crawl back where you came from, and leave the veterinary surgeons, herd managers and animal carers who have learnt the successful way to use homoeopathy, and delivered kind and caring support for their livestock, to get on with their work. The results that these people are achieving, here, and all around the world, are the reasons why you're wrong when you say that "science has proven that homoeopathy doesn't work." There are many, either with a financial or dogmatic reason, who fear finding out the reality what those of us who are practising successfully with homoeopathy know to be the case. That's whether or not your distorted and narrow version of science can prove to your satisfaction how and if it works. Reality can sometimes be uncomfortable, and I appreciate that. I'm sorry it's hurting you.

Luckily, for those of us using homoeopathy, it is incredibly comforting to know that is a very effective way that we can treat disease. One which doesn't come with a plethora of side-effects or risks. It's also one that doesn't compromise the use of antibiotics in the human medical world. And, much more.