Posted: Jun 02, 2012 11:38 am
by Shrunk
Scot Dutchy wrote:Chemotherapy is horse medicine.

My late girl friend who died in 2002 had cell cancer. She had chemotherapy twice it did not help in fact it made her condition worse. In the end she wanted euthonasia which she was given.

I would like to see hard data for the 10% chance of living for 5 years. I dont believe it.

The choice is not simple. Six months of quality life of five years of hell. I know what I would choose.

And someone else might well choose differently. Expecially since the more plausible choice is between six months of rather poor quality of life, vs a few weeks of living hell with chemo, followed by five years of good quality life that you would not have had otherwise. Treatment can still be of benefit if it does not cure.

BTW, while perhaps not strictly on topic, this article by Stephen Jay Gould should be required reading for anyone trying to make sense of cancer survival statistics: