Posted: Jun 17, 2012 9:48 pm
by AlohaChris

Pfrankenstein, this post is deemed to be provocative, inflammatory and contains unnecessary personalizations. In addition, your history of moderator interventions including multiple advisories, warnings and recent suspension has earned you your 4th current warning and a 1 month suspension of your membership from the forum.

You are reminded that you may not make any additional accounts during your suspension (i.e. "Sockpuppets"), or else your suspension will be lengthened up to and possibly including permanent banning from the forum. If you need to contact the staff during your absence, you can do so via the forum admin e-mail at

All other members are reminded that suspended members are protected by the FUA, so do not take this as licence to make disparaging comments about pfrankenstein.

If there are any questions, please PM myself or another Moderator. Please refrain from derailing this thread with discussion and/or debate over moderation.