Posted: Sep 15, 2012 4:22 pm
by christine
To Metatron:

You claimed to me, in a recent post, that you do not know whether I was telling the truth, when I said the "Christine Thompson" in the SNU website which one of you posted (she lives - or at least works - in Stafford, as per the website posted) was most definitely not me.
You said (I will paraphrase what you said, for I do not use such crude, base words as many of you lot do...) that because I used a lot of exclamation marks (in the post where I said that SNU Christine Thompson was not me), that that did not necessarily prove its veracity..

Well, I'll give you the factual list of where I've lived, in this lifetime... (and, do you know, the list I'm about to type is what you lot call an anecdote... but nonetheless, what I'm about to type is 100% fact...

I was born in November 1958 in Taunton, Somerset

So, my residences have been:

Taunton, Somerset, 1958-66
Chester, Cheshire 1966-67
Taunton, Somerset 1967-68
Sheffield, Yorks. 1968-74
Torquay, Devon 1974-75
Sheffield, Yorks 1975-80
London 1980-2001
Lincoln, Lincs. 2001-present-day

And those facts should make you understand that the Christine Thompson who works for the SNU in Stafford is not the same Christine Thompson as me.

I am debating whether or not to continue with typing out (tomorrow.. for I do have other things to do in my life than be on the computer all day..) some more of the summaries of the in fact correct data re. the fact we do all survive "death".. for, when I have already typed out some (eg, the fact that there are any number of records re. NDE's that are experienced by blind people, and that, after they have been resuscitated, they are able to tell of what they SAW, and that what they say they saw has been verified as correct... ie, they are veridical sight experiences, in people who, in their ordinary physical life, are blind. Proving that we all have another source of vision: the vision we will all have when we reside in our eternal spiritual body, after the illusory event "death".
But when Dr Piero Calvi-Parisetti himself included the fact of NDE's of blind people, he got (wrongly) ridiculed for it, in his thread on this forum.
That - the NDE's of blind people - is rightly regarded as a "smoking-gun" for the truth of everyone's survival of the illusion that is called "death".
Ie, you lot are presented with specific aspects of the data which does, in fact, show we survive "death", but you simply will not accept it: because materialists are closed-minded. And it is literally impossible to make closed-minded people understand the real true nature of reality.
But there will eventually come a day for each of you, when you will have no choice but to accept that we do survive the event called "death" - and that day will come for each of you on the eventual day on which you each experience that event.
You will have no choice in the matter: it will not be up to each of you, whether you survive or do not survive that event.
When it eventually happens to each of you, one of your earliest reactions will be "oh my god, I've survived the thing called death... oh my god, i didn't believe that Christine and I didn't believe that Dr Piero Calvi-Parisetti... a number of those of us on that Rationalskepticism forum, back on Earth, ridiculed Christine and Dr Parisetti... when, all along, they were right in what they were saying to us... we were the ones who were "batting for the wrong side", not Christine and Dr Parisetti...".

The event called "death" occurs when the sub-atomic "cord" which joins our physical body to our eternal spiritual body is completely severed.. once that has happened... once a person has been declared "dead" - then the individual person we each are (our individual personality, with all our thoughts, memories, feelings, etc, etc) is still alive, but in another place: the next dimension of existence - ie, the sub-atomic dimensions, which interpenetrate (on a higher vibrational frequency level) this physical dimension.
And that fact is why anyone thinking of subjecting their "dead" physical body to "cryogenics" is simply wasting their dollars/pounds/euros etc etc etc... for the individual person they will have been, on Earth, after they have been declared "dead", is, from that point, existing in one of the higher dimensions of this multi-dimensional cosmos.. the people who have paid god knows how much for cryogenic "preservation" of their "mere" physical body, under the wrong assumption that that was the sum total of their person, in the hope that, centuries from now, some scientist would "bring them back to life", will be sadly disappointed... for, all the people who have stupidly spent god knows how many dollars/pounds/euros, for cryogenic "preservation" of their physical body, the instant they "died" (I'm talking, here, of people who have done this, in the past), will have arrived in the sub-atomic dimensions, realised that the thing called death was not what they'd assumed it to be, and will have said "oh, how stupid was I...I thought death was the end, and so i paid out x-numbers of dollars/pounds/euros, to have what I assumed to be the totality of me, "preserved", for future "re-creation",and now I realise that the thing called death is not what I'd thought, i find that the personality I was on Earth is now here - in what I've had explained to me is another dimension of existence - and so I realise that when I was on Earth, I wasted all my dollars/pounds/euros.. through my lack of knowledge of the ACTUAL nature of the thing called "death".

One final word, here... to Chairman Bill, I think it was. Oh yes, in the other thread, the one which the knowledgeable Dr Parisetti started... Chairman Bill, you were - "peeved", shall we say - because in my post to Dr Parisetti I said that all you materialists on here were "intellectually lazy".. What i meant by that was that it is patently obvious that none of you are willing to read the wealth of very high-quality books on this vital, life-changing subject of survival of physical body death; one of you (I can't remember precisely who) actually said to Dr Parisetti, when he made the point that the information is out there for anyone who bothers to look for it and read... one of you actually said to him, in reply ".... we are not prepared to do your legwork for you". Ie, that is evidence of being "intellectually lazy".

I am not prepared to continue to be very wrongly ridiculed by you closed-minded, uninformed (as the very real data which exists) people.... the words you use are often infantile, and are often very, very unnecessary and unwarranted... a point which Dr Parisetti himself pointed out. The language which a number of you use, is horrific and vile.
I am not prepared to any more be the recipient of such vile language. The people I'm talking of, who use the vilest language, are in the gutter, where your level of language is concerned...