Posted: Sep 15, 2012 5:05 pm
by chairman bill
christine wrote:... One final word, here... to Chairman Bill, I think it was. Oh yes, in the other thread, the one which the knowledgeable Dr Parisetti started... Chairman Bill, you were - "peeved", shall we say - because in my post to Dr Parisetti I said that all you materialists on here were "intellectually lazy".. What i meant by that was that it is patently obvious that none of you are willing to read the wealth of very high-quality books on this vital, life-changing subject of survival of physical body death; one of you (I can't remember precisely who) actually said to Dr Parisetti, when he made the point that the information is out there for anyone who bothers to look for it and read... one of you actually said to him, in reply ".... we are not prepared to do your legwork for you". Ie, that is evidence of being "intellectually lazy".
There is a depth to the stupidity displayed in this post, that is quite profound. Here's a woman who takes such umbrage at anyone criticising her woeful 'argument' & calling her on her constantly broken promises to provide evidence for her assertions, casting insults upon other forum members, and it seems, doing so in blissful ignorance of what it is she is doing. And then she fails to recognise, that refusing to go look for what is most probably non-existent evidence to support her assertions, does not constitute 'intellectual laziness', but that in actual fact, it is her apparent inability to provide what she claims exists that constitutes an intellectual laziness, as well as a complete failure to understand where the burden of proof lies. It lies with you, Christine, not us. If I make a claim, I back it up with the relevant evidence, I don't expect others to do my leg-work for me, nor should you. Your apparent inability to understand such a relatively simple matter, says a great deal about your claim to being scholarly & educated.

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