Posted: Sep 15, 2012 5:13 pm
by Rhubis
Oh great, Christine comes back and doesn't present any evidence and actually repeats the same shit as yesterday that we have already discussed. Maybe Christine is a Poe, one post a day to keep us on the hook but no evidence.

I don't believe that christine, who has been insulting every skeptic from the word go, can still come back and post something complaining about us ridiculing her! honestly for someone so widely (if you count one subject as widely) read I can't believe she didn't spend at least a few minutes on the FUA. Until christine posts something resembling evidence i'm writing her off as either a poe or impossible to debate (or both).

One last message to Christine if she bothers to read it: Thats a nice story you posted, i don't believe you, back it up with something.