Posted: Sep 15, 2012 6:22 pm
by The_Metatron
christine wrote:To Metatron:

You claimed to me, in a recent post, that you do not know whether I was telling the truth, when I said the "Christine Thompson" in the SNU website which one of you posted (she lives - or at least works - in Stafford, as per the website posted) was most definitely not me.
You said (I will paraphrase what you said, for I do not use such crude, base words as many of you lot do...) that because I used a lot of exclamation marks (in the post where I said that SNU Christine Thompson was not me), that that did not necessarily prove its veracity..

Well, I'll give you the factual list of where I've lived, in this lifetime... (and, do you know, the list I'm about to type is what you lot call an anecdote... but nonetheless, what I'm about to type is 100% fact...

I was born in November 1958 in Taunton, Somerset

So, my residences have been:

Taunton, Somerset, 1958-66
Chester, Cheshire 1966-67
Taunton, Somerset 1967-68
Sheffield, Yorks. 1968-74
Torquay, Devon 1974-75
Sheffield, Yorks 1975-80
London 1980-2001
Lincoln, Lincs. 2001-present-day

And those facts should make you understand that the Christine Thompson who works for the SNU in Stafford is not the same Christine Thompson as me....

Oh, I see. All you have to do then, is to type that the bollocks you write is "100% fact", and then you expect us to accept it as such?

You see, christine, you are on the cusp of experiencing the exact same effect as the authors of the tripe you are trying to fob off on us as fact. You are desperate for me to think you aren't the Christine Thompson from Stafford. Yet, you've presented precisely zero evidence that you are someone else.

This is what's fucking with you. You may not understand what constitutes evidence. Your replacement of a string of exclamation points with a self-certification of "100% fact" is transparent. And fucking useless.

You see, something that would constitute evidence is something that I could observe myself. Independently. In practice, sound evidence will survive the most vicious scrutiny.

The only evidence we actually have is that the Christine Thompson from Stafford is publicly listed on an organization's web site which is more or less aligned with the woo you are peddling here. See, that's real evidence. Everyone can see it. There is more telling us you are her than anything else you have, or could possibly, write.