Posted: Sep 15, 2012 6:58 pm
by byofrcs
christine wrote:....
I was born in November 1958 in Taunton, Somerset

So, my residences have been:

Taunton, Somerset, 1958-66
Chester, Cheshire 1966-67
Taunton, Somerset 1967-68
Sheffield, Yorks. 1968-74
Torquay, Devon 1974-75
Sheffield, Yorks 1975-80
London 1980-2001
Lincoln, Lincs. 2001-present-day


The first we can verify the fact but the rest we cannot unless they coincide with census or land registry records. That is a lot of work. We cannot confirm that YOU at the end of this forum account is that person that lives at those places. If we can verify the data then you could fabricate that data, As I said - we can never trust what you say unless we can verify what you say.

The only way we can glue you to the address is to send a message code by post to an address which we verify a person called your name is at that location and then if you get that you post the code back via PM to a moderator.

This is the same round-trip process used by banks, tax, companies house etc.

WHY THE HELL SHOULD WE DO THIS !. Your address is irrelevant, we do not care where you live. We care where is your data that addresses the topic claims ?.

One page is all we ask for with external references. It can't be that hard ?