Posted: Sep 16, 2012 12:01 pm
by christine
I am only going to post this post, and then I, like Dr Calvi-Parisetti, will resign myself from this forum.

Fisrtly, a couple of remarks. And then I will sign off with a further example of the wealth of data available.

Firstly, to Rhubis. Post number 668, on 15th September.

He said "for someone so widely (if you count one subject as widely..) read...".

For your information, I am widely read on a number of disparate subjects; as well as the spiritual truths of life, I am also very widely read on i) medieval history (it's one of my passions... I've read over 150 books on it); wine (I'm a connoisseur, and have read over 30 books on it); genealogy (I'm a genealogist, have qualifications in the subject, and have traced my own "physical dimension") genealogy back on over 70 lines, back to 1598 Devon; and my fiance's ancestry, currently researched back to 1750s).. and other subjects, too.

Second point: this is a reply to a post by Metatron: the post was on the 14th September.
I can't now find it, I think it was addressed to Dr Piero Calvi-Parisetti; it was definitely either addressed to him or to myself. Anyhow, he said "...I think you and many millions more who think similarly are simply afraid of death, and its finality. I think all this claptrap is made-up bullshit in a lame attempt (though not lame enough for millions of people) to salve that fear".

My reply: it is not made-up, the wealth of data is real and genuine (I will give you a further example of the data, after this paragraph, and then I am signing off from this forum. For I work with the truth). All the many, many millions of informed people worldwide are not doing this through being "afraid of death". We all know it is the real, genuine truth.

I will give you two further examples of the data, here. And then I am resigning myself from this forum.

Firstly: this is an example of a veridical NDE. Ie, one in which the person who had the NDE, experienced something specific in it, and then, after having been resuscitated, what she had experienced, was verified as being the absolute truth.
There are numerous examples of veridical NDE's; and this is one of them - it is that of a very young child. Which is important. For one of the sceptics' "arguments" against the veracity of the nature of NDE's is "oh, they must have been imagining it, as a way of trying to confirm their blind religious belief".
Well, many very small children do not have "blind religious beliefs".
This example is one of the countless numbers of veridical NDE's on record.
The adult woman who related it to a researcher was referring to the NDE she herself had had, when she was a child of 5 years.
"when I was five years old, I contracted meningitis, and fell into a coma. I "died", and drifted into a safe and black void where I felt no fear and no pain. I felt at home in this place... I saw a little girl of about 10 years old. I sensed that she recognised me. We hugged, and then she told me "I'm your sister. I died a month after I was born. I was named after your grandmother. Our parents called me Rietje for short". She kissed me, and I felt her warmth and love. "You must go now", she said.. in a flash, I was back in my (physical) body. I opened my eyes and saw the happy and relieved looks on my parents' faces. When I told them about my experience, they initially dismissed it as a dream... I made a drawing of my angel sister who had welcomed me and repeated everything she'd told me. My parents were so shocked that they panicked. They got up and left the room. After a while they returned. They confirmed that they had indeed lost a daughter called Rietje. She had died of poisoning about a year after I was born. They had decided not to tell me and my brother until we were old enough to understand the meaning of life and death".

This comes from the excellent book by the spiritually-enlightened cardiologist, Dr Pim van Lommel: it is in his very high-quality book (published 2010) called "Consciousness beyond life: the science of the Near-Death Experience".

Explanation as to why the 5-yr-old girl perceived her older sister as "looking about 10 years old". Her parents told her that their elder daughter had "died" about a year before the 5-year-old was born. The elder daughter had told her sister (the one having the NDE) that she had "died" a month after birth. It is a fact that when we are in the afterlife, we are able (as a result of the malleability [through the power of the non-physical, eternal mind} of our eternal spiritual body) to choose what our spirit bodies look like; ie, we can manifest at whatever age we wish.
There is one hell of a lot of data in existence which supports this.

And the second (and my final communication on this forum, after which I am self-resigning) example of the wealth of multi-faceted, definite data re. the fact we all survive (in energy form) the very illusory event that is wrongly termed "death";

This is a case whereby a very sceptical American woman went to a now very well-known American medium called Sonia Choquette.
The sceptical woman did not believe in anything spiritual, she thought death was the end of everything, and she (blindly) assumed that all mediums must be frauds/charlatans.
NB: the medium she saw, Sonia Choquette, was, at the time, only 17 years old. She had been giving readings as the medium she was, and is, for several years (for mediumship very often manifests in people at a very early age - for most mediums are born with their spiritual gifts of clairvoyance, clairaudience, and clairsentience).

The first thing the medium said to the sceptical woman was "my guide in spirit is telling me you will eventually be married".
To that, the woman expressed huge scepticism. "I don't think that can be so, for I haven't even got a boyfriend", she said. And the medium, when relating this case, said that the tone of the woman's voice made it very clear that she, the sceptical woman, very much wished she could be married, but did not think it would happen for her.
So... the medium continued. "Yes, my guide in spirit is telling me that you will definitely be married. They tell me that your future husband will be shorter than you, and will not be white-skinned. Oh, and they also tell me that you will move to Guam".

On hearing that, the sceptical American woman said "oh, now I KNOW you're crazy... don't give up the day-job, love..".
And left.
Punchline: about 3 years later, the medium, Sonia Choquette, received in the mail, a postcard. With a picture of a beautiful island. Of Guam. The postcard was from the sceptical woman to whom she had given a reading, 3 years earlier.
The woman wrote, on the postcard "you may not remember me, but about 3 years ago, you gave me a reading. I was very, very, sceptical. You told me that your guide in spirit told you that I would eventually get married. You said you were told that my husband would be shorter than me, and that he would not be white-skinned. You also said your guide told you that we would move to Guam. You will recall I was very ridiculing of what you said you had been told. Well, listen to this. About 6 months after my reading with you, I met a Filipino man. He was, of course, not white-skinned. And he is, indeed, shorter than me. We fell in love, and got married. He works in the Forces. About 6 months ago, he was posted to... Guam. So we came out here to live. JUST as you told me your guide had told you would be the case".

The reason why the medium's spirit guide (in the spirit dimensions) was able to tell the woman of definite events in what we on Earth call the "future" is because (however it works) the Intelligent Power behind everything in existence (the REAL meaning of the word "God") has made it be that, however impossible it of course SOUNDS, what we call the "future" has already happened, and is visible, from the sub-atomic energy dimensions of this multi-dimensional spiritual cosmos.
THAT is why the medium's guides (and the sceptical woman's relatives in spirit would have known, in advance, about the sceptical woman's future marriage, too) in spirit already knew about the sceptical woman's definite future: that is why they knew that some months after the reading, she would meet a Filipino man (a man not white-skinned, and that he would be shorter than her), that they would fall in love, and marry; that is why they also knew that he would be posted to Guam, in regard to his work, and that that would be why she and her future husband would move to Guam; that is why the medium's guide was able to tell the woman, months before she'd even met her future husband, "you will move to Guam".

There are literally millions of equally watertight cases available out there, for you all to access.
There are millions of very high-quality cases, covering the 12+ aspects of the multi-faceted data.

I'll repeat something I gave you all in a post a few days ago: why don't you research the very high-quality aspect of the survival of "death" data called "Peak-in-Darien deathbed visions". The very nature of this aspect of the data is what makes it so significant.

And now I am self-resigning from this forum.