Posted: Nov 06, 2012 7:03 pm
by Penser
Interested in the evolving debate, I have just spent several hours looking into Mr Lloyd Pye and his beliefs. Try as I might, I have failed to find an example where he offers his opinion(s). This man appears to deal with facts and for everything he writes is supported by 'a fact'.

@Sapieteuthid, whilst it is important you have the opportunity to give your opinion, I truly believe that you are out of your depth and have gained the opinion that you just like arguing, if only for the hell of it. One can see that Mr Pye dedicates his life to chasing truth, I am curious as to the efforts you have gone to to make your views so relevant.

Of course we are all entitled to our own line of thinking, but I see very little evidence that yours is actually based upon anything. Just because we don't understand something ourselves, doesn't mean that it must be wrong!

Rather that just showing you dissagree with the views of Mr Pye, perhaps you could find the time to explain to us why it is you dissagree? What do you know that he does not?

I await with interest