Posted: Jun 28, 2013 6:10 pm
by theropod
Scot Dutchy wrote:
theropod wrote:
Scot Dutchy wrote:Thanks Thomas. :thumbup:

A temporary suspention. Never heard of that before. :think:

It's (temporary suspension) has been around a long time. When new member (typically) starts all sorts of threads in a short time span the question of spamming comes up and some research is carried out. If the person is just prolific and not intent on jamming the forum with trash the suspension is lifted.


Oh realise its purpose but never heard of it.

BTW I thought the blue lettering...

Blue lettering?

I was just commenting as to what I know of the process as it used to be. I suggest any further clarifications on this be sought through more regular channels. I'm far too sick to actually give a shit either way.