Posted: Nov 04, 2013 12:20 pm
by SpeedOfSound
Scot Dutchy wrote:Chemotherapy is horse medicine.

My late girl friend who died in 2002 had cell cancer. She had chemotherapy twice it did not help in fact it made her condition worse. In the end she wanted euthonasia which she was given.

I would like to see hard data for the 10% chance of living for 5 years. I dont believe it.

The choice is not simple. Six months of quality life of five years of hell. I know what I would choose.
Chemotherapy ruins the body and has so many side effects and should only be used when there is a sizable chance of a cure.

The Dutch doctors association have started a discussion regarding the cost of maintaining the life of some one in their last phase of life and the cost and time involved.

My brother-in-law is dying right now of lung cancer and it seems like he is dying of the chemo too. His life sure as hell sucks with the chemo.

I am wondering what it would have been like if he hadn't done the two different types of chemo he has done. If either of these slowed the cancer even a little than jesus fucking christ, this cancer has super powers! It's growing like crazy with the treatments.

It's really hard to know what to do. But consider you are a bit of a gambler at heart, as I think we all are. You can either play the slots or accept that you absolutely will not win anything at all. In this case the big win is a longer life. A nice idea. But the cost of the slots is drastic weight loss, sunken eyes, lack of sleep, nausea, vomiting, etc. Plus in the end he gets to choke to death on his own blood and lungs. Choking to death PLUS the nausea?

We don't know what the fuck to do.