Posted: Dec 28, 2014 10:27 pm
by ElDiablo
The Resonance project....

Haramein postulates that living cells and larger structures within living organisms derive their unique 'living' properties through their ability to exchange energy with this expression of the holographic mass and information that permeates all of reality. The work demonstrates that atomic nuclei (protons) are miniscule black holes, each being an expression of the holographic information exchange (mass-energy) mediated by the fluctuating vacuum medium throughout the universe. This means that living cells, at the molecular level of atoms, exchange energy and therefore 'information' with the 'vacuum'. The implication of this theory for the Life Sciences is vast and implies immeasurable novel ways to enhance life and provide new approaches to health and well-being.

If I'm made up of miniscule Blackholes, then why can people see me?