Posted: May 21, 2010 12:07 pm
by Darkchilde
generalsemanticist wrote:It is truly sad to see this obsession with "double blind" studies. It seems like a futile attempt to establish a one cause => one effect model which is very simplistic. It is, however, very useful for companies with drug patents to make large amounts of money. There have been over a thousand "double blind" studies of statin drugs, for example. You will not see these studies done (by private companies) if there are no patents involved so please stop using this irrelevant argument ad nauseum. You need to look at the larger picture of health and realize that you cannot separate the brain from the body and if healing can be accomplished by any means that is what is important.

You are wrong there.

Double blind studies are made in order to assess the effectiveness of a drug. The only drugs that are not required to do this are homeopathic drugs, which do not work anyway. Of course, there are times when certain companies, will label their products as "homeopathic" in order to avoid doing those studies, and we have results like the Zicam affair. If you are not familiar with it, here is a wikipedia article:

I would not use a drug that has not been tested. I would never take any homeopathic crap, as it does not work. If I take a medicine, I want it to be tested, and to have in the box, the little paper informing me of its contents, what it does, and what are probable side-effects.