Posted: May 21, 2010 6:13 pm
by GenesForLife
generalsemanticist wrote:The human body is complex - some things work on some people sometimes but not others. This is a fact, deal with it.

Non sequitur, deal with it, some conventional drugs not working on some people doesn't mean woo automatically works.

And the principles of biochemistry are much the same regardless of the little variation here and there in terms of MCNVs and the like , and even if we were to account for your supposed therapeutic plasticity, the efficacy rates with conventional medicine far outperform woo, and that is fact too, deal with it. :dopey: , and the fact is, if it works it'll go straight into conventional medicine and won't need to be alternative, got any evidence of woo doing as well as conventional medicine?

Evidence is important, deal with it! :mrgreen: