Posted: May 22, 2010 2:09 am
by generalsemanticist
If it is possible that a certain level of vitamin C can help, then this will be revealed in controlled, double-blind scientific studies. If there is even a slight chance that vitamin C can help, big pharmaceutical corporations would immediately be interested, because that means that they would be able to sell many new brands of drugs on the market, patenting formulas and names and make a fortune, especially if vitamin C actually treated something that there was no treatment for before. They would make billions of dollars.

I'm afraid this is "woo", as you people like to say. You can't get a patent on vit C, how many time do I have to say this? If it suddenly became known that Vit C can treat atherosclerosis better and safer than statin drugs the pharmaceutical companies would lose billions of dollars - you have it ass backwards my friend.