Posted: May 22, 2010 3:38 am
by angelo
generalsemanticist wrote:Look at statin drugs. Yes they lower chloresterol but they deplete CoQ10 and can actually cause heart failure. Now there is some irony for you. If you want to take that poison, be my guest. It is so retarded to develop a drug that lowers chloresterol without finding out why it is elevated in the first place. This is the main problem with modern medicine - it treats symptoms instead of causes. At least orthomolecular medicine attempts to form a theory about what is happening, like the theory about the breakdown of collagen in the blood vessels and the susequent increase of Lp(a) in the blood to attempt to patch the lesion. Is it possible that proper levels of Vit C can stop this and even reverse it? Who is going to pay to find out? If I was a Vit C manufacturer I would like to increase sales but if I fund expensive research then any other manufacturer can take advantage of it so why would I bother? The health business does not work the same as the sickness business.

Some people have a gene that is sometimes heredity that causes high cholesterol. No amount of research can fix that. These people need statins to lower their risk of stroke and heart disease. If it is found that a person consumes far too much fat, well, then the cause can be eliminated. But in most cases, a person who eats a well balanced diet can still have elevated levels of cholesterol. Homeopathy in all cases is a useless waste of money.