Posted: May 22, 2010 12:00 pm
by Moridin
generalsemanticist wrote:I'm afraid this is "woo", as you people like to say. You can't get a patent on vit C, how many time do I have to say this? If it suddenly became known that Vit C can treat atherosclerosis better and safer than statin drugs the pharmaceutical companies would lose billions of dollars - you have it ass backwards my friend.

No, but you can get patent on a product that contains a combination of vitamin C and other compounds. If it was shown that vitamin C can treat atherosclerosis better, pharmaceutical companies could get right on to try and enhance and increase the effectiveness of vitamin C with other compounds and make much more than billions of dollars, since they now could sell both statin drugs and various vitamin C containing drugs or perhaps even drugs that mix the effect of statin drugs and vitamin C.

If any of the complementary and alternative medicine stuff works, it would make pharmaceutical companies billions.