Posted: May 24, 2010 9:26 am
by Darwinsbulldog
Dr. Nancy wrote:-

Only 13% of conventional medicine is evidence-based ... -emphatic/

Total Bollocks! [At least in Australia]. I was on the research and ethics committee for several years at a major teaching hospital, where we approved research proposals such as drug trials, new surgical techniques [and yes, trials of "alternative medicines]. As these trials referred to studies done elsewhere, or were international studies in which Australian hospitals and medical research centers were taking part, there was no evidence that any short-cuts were being taken with the science, or that drugs were released without trials.

The amount of detail and care was terrific. Even an old, proven drug, when docs wanted to use it in a new way would be exhaustively tested with double-blind studies, looking for efficacy, side effects and possible interactions with other drugs etc.