Posted: May 24, 2010 9:53 am
by Matt_B
Dr. Nancy Malik wrote:
Darkchilde wrote:I would not use a drug that has not been tested. I would never take any homeopathic crap, as it does not work. If I take a medicine, I want it to be tested, and to have in the box, the little paper informing me of its contents, what it does, and what are probable side-effects.

Only 13% of conventional medicine is evidence-based ... -emphatic/

Why settle for 13% when you go straight to the horse's mouth and get it down to 11%?

Perhaps it might be because the graph isn't actually saying what the quacks purport it to be doing? Far from being some damning criticism on conventional medicine it's actually a guide to help medical professionals determine which are the most effective treatments and which are only backed by sketchy evidence or appear to have serious issues.

You won't find a similar site for alternative medicine because 100% of it would be in the "unknown" or possibly "likely to be ineffective and harmful" categories.