Posted: May 25, 2010 10:00 am
by GenesForLife
Bollocks, you don't automatically validate homeopathy by pointing fingers at conventional pharma, it is a total non-sequitur.
Enough said.

Woo merchants do one of two things

1) They claim scientific legitimacy, which usually fails
2) They try to bring down alternatives to make it look like it is legitimate.

Pharma industry is also not equal to conventional medicine in any logically consistent universe, it is a small subset

Automobiles were also invented in the late 1880s, before that people used horse-drawn carriages, so horse drawn carriages are better? That just shoots right through your frankly ridiculous attempt to try and slander the pharma industry to seek legitimacy for peddling woo, never mind that the very same paper you quotemined showed you were wrong.

Regardless of what the pharma industry does, Homeopathy does not have a scientific leg to stand upon, DEAL WITH IT.