Posted: May 25, 2010 10:13 am
by Darkchilde
Dr. Nancy Malik wrote:
generalsemanticist wrote: This is the main problem with modern medicine - it treats symptoms instead of causes. At least orthomolecular medicine attempts to form a theory about what is happening, like the theory about the breakdown of collagen in the blood vessels and the susequent increase of Lp(a) in the blood to attempt to patch the lesion..

Homeopathy is an integrative medicine. It is based on the science that the body, mind and emotions are not really separate and distinct, but are actually fully integrated.

Homeopathy is total crap. There is nothing more than the placebo effect, and the placebo effect does not cure people, neither psychologically nor physically.

If someone has cancer, homeopathy can do shit about that. if I get appendicitis, I will die if I don't take it out by surgery. If I have tooth ache, I will go to the dentist. If I am depressed or similar, I will seek out professional help from a licensed psychologist.

What can homeopathy do if I have a bad tooth? NOTHING! It will not cure my symptoms or the cause of it. I will need a dentist.

What can homeopathy do for my depression? NOTHING! I will need a licensed psychologist, who will help me get to the whys and hows of my depression, and help me deal with it.

What can homeopathy do for my appendicitis? NOTHING! If I don't get surgery, it will become peritonitis and I will die from it. I will need a surgeon to remove my appendix.

Tell me one real disease that homeopathy can cure. Can it cure AIDS? Cancer? Ebola? The common cold? Homeopathy is crap, it does not cure people, it just gives them a placebo, a false hope. Placebos can be done by real medicine as well, and real medicine can find the actual cause and cure the disease.