Posted: May 26, 2010 10:51 pm
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Drugs such as antibiotics, antiretroviral drugs and several anticancer drugs deal not with symptoms, but the cause of the disease, so that eejit who made the quote has no clue about what she is commenting on.

What about research into why people get cancer and preventing it? What IS the real cause of cancer? Are you saying that the cause of cancer is cancer cells??

Are you saying no one is researching the causes of cancer? When was the last breakthrough in cancer research produced by a homeopath or naturopath?

Would you suggest that, until we know with certainty the cause of every single cause of cancer, we should just let people die untreated?

It strikes me that you guys are arguing past each other. Homeopathy and Naturopathy are strategic methods that work in the long term, if indeed they work at all. Practitioners of these medicines dot not promise results tomorrow, although in some cases things can happen rather quickly. Alopathic medicine typically acts quickly, saw off a guys leg, replace a kidney, remove a tumor, flush the blood, repair a broken bone or cut flesh. One doesn't really compete very well with the other owing to their fundamental temporal differences. In alopathy, drugs are the preferred method of treating organic issues. All drugs have side effects (listen to the ads). But they usually work quickly. The Homeopath or Naturopath is limited to a much slower acting set of tools in their toolboxes. Their treatments take longer.

One of our more noted rebel MDs is Dr. Andrew Weill, who teaches at the University of Arizona and operates a large clinic. He started out a Harvard with Timothy Leary and after LSD had a life in which he was known as "Babba Ram Dass" and was a noted guru type. After 20 years of that he quit it and moved to Arizona and started his clinic and became Dr. Andrew Weill. In the course of things he built some major facilities at the UA school of medicine, started some new schools, wrote a number of best selling books on medicine and health, and is in high demand today as a speaker and as a practitioner.

I think Weill is among the best doctors we have practicing today. He is trained and educated in allopathic medicine and learned in other medical ways and in nutrition. He's the great blend East and West and modern "counter" medicine as known in the West. And that I think is what makes for the best kind of doctor. On top of that he's one of the nicest people you'd ever meet.

If ya'll haven't read Andrew Weill, you should.