Posted: Oct 08, 2016 8:03 pm
by tolman
ilstar wrote:
ElDiablo wrote:If I'm made up of miniscule Blackholes, then why can people see me?

Probably the same way we can find black holes, by their shapes. You don't actually see the insides of people (unless you are clairvoyant).

I am actually looking forward to seeing this film. Nassim Haramein is an interesting guy.

Maybe you should ask a clairvoyant, as they should have been able to watch the film already, and can tell you if it will be worth waiting for.

Also, I think you're confusing clairvoyance (seeing things distant in time and space) with someone having X-ray spectacles like the plastic tat which used to be advertised in children's comics.

Apart from neither of them actually working, they're quite different.