Posted: Oct 23, 2016 9:44 pm
by Vermeulen J.
Rachel Bronwyn wrote:Most cancer patients die of cancer.

Chemo's toxic. When it works though it allows a much longer lifespan than you would have been provided had the cancer been allowed to progress normally. Your life will be shorter than it would have been had you never had cancer but longer than it would have been had you had cancer and no chemo.

Chemo toxins are about the only kind of 'medicine' that isn't tested against placebo's (because chemo has severe side effects which would immediately distinguish the placebo group from the group of patients getting the real thing poison). Also, because of the medical dogma that 'cancer rarely goes away by itself', almost everybody who gets diagnosed with malignant cancer runs for the hills (I mean the oncologists), because they believe (or better, are made to believe) that this medical dogma is based on scientific evidence, which is not the case. For instance: "Therefore, for every 100 nonpalpable cancers found through mammography alone, 54 would presumably have gone away (174 / 324 × 100 = 54%)."

I also wonder why it's so hard to imagine that lots of people don't survive being poisoned for weeks/months on end??? Have you ever seen the effect of chemo coming into contact with a patient's skin?