Posted: Oct 23, 2016 10:49 pm
by Vermeulen J.
Spearthrower wrote:
Rachel Bronwyn wrote:Every cancer is different as is every chemotherapy regimen so blanket statements just don't apply to the discussion of chemotherapy cost/benefit analysis.

We've all seen someone suffer through chemo and die. It's not a valid argument against.

Precisely: As, I expect, we've all seen someone die from cancer without undergoing chemotherapy.

It's the cancer that's the killer, and the chemotherapy is a calculated risk fully explained to the patients. No patient goes into chemo thinking 'Well, that's me sorted - I'll be right as rain in a few days cos the doc promised me'.

It's pretty rare to find someone who hasn't been scared into undergoing chemotherapy after having been diagnosed with malignant cancer - when an ex-girlfriend of mine got this diagnosis and refused any traditional treatment (she was strongly advised to undergo a mastectomy to be followed by chemotherapy), ALL of her family and friends told her they would never dare to do that and for sure they all would follow the advice of the doctors/oncologists if ever faced a similar situation. This was back in 2009 and my ex-girlfriend is still in great health. (As I also wrote in an earlier comment: "Therefore, for every 100 nonpalpable cancers found through mammography alone, 54 would presumably have gone away (174 / 324 × 100 = 54%)."

Besides the fact that 'German New Medicine' provides a logical foundation for the cause of disease (it explained why my ex-girlfriends cancer was already healing at the time of diagnosis and was simply vanished a few months later), there's also the placebo effect (the body tricked into self healing) and there's the nocebo effect (the body tricked into becoming ill).

What people don't realize is the enormous nocebo effect the medical establishment represents: people are being continuously warned for the dangers of NOT visiting a doctor when a symptom lasts longer than a few days (staying home from work without a doctors note, to give your body a chance to heal by itself, is not even an option for most of us), NOT having regular check ups, NOT engaging into all sorts of preventive screenings/examinations, NOT getting a flu shot every year, NOT taking part in various vaccination programs (babies are given countless vaccinations even a few weeks/months after birth), NOT getting chemo when diagnosed with cancer (our 'system' even forces chemotherapy upon minors and treats parents like criminals if they would prefer any other treatment for their children - of course, the medical establishment makes it look normal to inject cancer patients with extremely poisonous chemicals for months on end - speaking of snake oil science and fear based manipulation...).