Posted: Oct 26, 2016 11:00 am
by Macdoc
What a stupid contention ....a drug cocktail burns the skin ....duh...

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Chemo cocktails are incredibly powerful lymphoma ...the idea is to destroy the immune system because its a defect in the immune system which causes the white cells to not die --- they build up in lumps - that's what your doctor is looking for when he fingers yor lymph glands under your jaw or probes your groin.

The multiple chemo treatment destroys the immune cells and te body regrows them without the defect.
It takes numerous "cycles" to get them all.

Part of the cocktail is designed to mitigate the vicious effects of the treatment.

Nasty ? yup
Needed ?? preferred treatment for certain types of cancer ?? Absolutely.

alternative ?? die in a few months :coffee: