Posted: Oct 26, 2016 5:19 pm
by Regina
Vermeulen J. wrote:Sorry to disappoint but I'm neither 'Kyrani', 'Kyranni' nor 'Jan Vermeulen'.

I've wasted too much time at forums like this already and since I'm only trying to inform 'the public' about alternative views on what causes 'disease' (which automatically leads to alternative ways to handle disease too, naturally), it's again time for me to move on. How the medical establishment manages to scare the public into harsh treatments like chemotherapy is obvious to me, but I have to admit that they put me to sleep for many years too (I've had doctors telling me that a dear one 'reacted badly to the chemo treatment', after she only lived through it for about five weeks - it was just the onset of lung cancer - and I even thanked them for doing their best!). When I learned about 'German New Medicine' (GNM), back in 2009, finally I put one and one together and since that day (actually the night before my ex-girlfriend was about to undergo mutilating surgery) the fear based propaganda of our 'health care system' doesn't effect me anymore.

The link between prolonged stress and disease has to be kept far from the public, because otherwise the whole medical industry would collapse. It's as simple as that. Anything counter to the official medical theories has to be fenced off (ridiculed, forbidden, etc.). For every study like this "Striking life events associated with primary breast cancer susceptibility in women" and "Stressful life events and risk of breast cancer in 10,808 women" there are counter studies (and this is true for any kind of 'study', which is why people have to educate themselves in order to make up their own minds, but surely it's easier to just follow 'main stream science', although all these studies are performed by members of this same 'elite'...).

The second study above concluded: "The findings suggest a role for life events in breast cancer etiology through hormonal or other mechanisms." Of course, even though they suggest 'other mechanism', they never mention the work of dr. Hamer (who handed over his 'German New Medicine' theory to the university of Tübingen in the form of a post doctoral thesis, back in 1981, which to this day they've always refused to test!), simply because they either never heard of it (!) or, more likely, there's no official evidence to back up his theory. GNM has been verified many times already (by many doctors and even a university -, but as long as the medical establishment refuses to perform an official evaluation of GNM (and just puts GNM on the black list of forbidden theories/treatments, simply because they have the power to do so...) all members of the 'medical science elite' have to (officially) ignore dr. Hamer's work, because they're only aloud to move around within the restricted framework of their own 'group'.

I hope some people can see through this masquerade and do some investigating on their own (which is not easy, I know). Good luck to all who have their hearts in the right place.

Fuck off, just do it, and take your vile pile of excrement with you on the way out.
Compared to Hamer, a disgraced, fraudulent, criminal and utterly despicable illegally practicising pseudo-physician Andrew Wakefield is an honourable, honest-to-God medical practitioner.
That pestilential pimple on the face of humanity is, on top of everything else, an antisemite. His brand of dreck is called Germanic New Medicine, which you delicately omit.
"Hamer claims that his method is a "Germanic" alternative to mainstream clinical medicine which he claims is part of a Jewish conspiracy to decimate non-Jews."
Piss off.