Posted: Nov 08, 2016 1:14 am
by kiore
electricgravity1 wrote:ITS OUT

To all those on Rationalskeptic, but more to those on Physics Forums who have systematically suppressed discussion of EMDrive for the last 10 years asserting that it was charlatan science :


fuck you, and all your like minded scum that infest science forums and administration. You never have and never will understand the minds of good scientists and and engineers. You might think you are being unique with your crap on the forums, but we have to put up with scum like you everyday, not just on the forums, but at work where you constantly annoy us your eternal lack of understanding mixed with childish lust for authority over people who can actually get shit done that couldn't be done before.

were the ones who fucked up. And now the head of your religion - the high priests at the church of NASA - have come out and confirmed EMdrive. How are you going to do a 180 out of all the BS you've given experimenters and EMdrive proponents over the years?

Its going to be fun browsing all the ass-hurt on this new wave of so-called science forums that just mock actual new science.
Get grovelling, you've got a back log of months to do.

A site that was quick to pick up the news. ... ce-of.html
Mainstream media will pick it up in the next few days.

Electricgravity1, in the above post you abuse and insult members here, this is not the level of discourse expected. I strongly suggest you read the Forum Users Agreement FUA before post again.