Posted: Nov 08, 2016 9:11 pm
by TopCat
I have to say, I do quite like EG1, in the sense that if he dropped round my house I'd give him a cuddle and a nice cup of tea.

He is, obviously, either a troll, or barking mad (or, lest Hackenslash berate me for my false dichotomies, somewhere in between) but buried in his asinine rantings there is a point that we'd do well not to ignore. The history of science is truly littered with resistance to new ideas, and the persecution of the good guys from Galileo to Barry Marshall.

Gotta admit, I would find it hugely amusing if someone came up with some really solid evidence for Telepathy, Cold Fusion, Emdrive, or similar - that would force science to reinvent itself on the scale of relativity or quantum mechanics.

I'm not holding my breath, but it would be fab.

Sadly, however, EG1 provides neither evidence nor prediction to support his wurblings. So I'm not ready to bet any actual money that he's any different from the usual crowd of rambling internet imbeciles.

Keep trying though, it's all good stuff until Undercover Elephant pops up again.