Posted: Nov 27, 2016 4:51 pm
by Thomas Eshuis
Firestarter wrote:The topic here is pseudoscience.
The story the state media has told us about AIDS is pseudoscience because:

It isn't.
It's the facts as presented by medical experts who've done intensive studies on the subject can have produced reproducible results.

Firestarter wrote:
1) There has never been any evidence that HIV results in AIDS.
2) There has never been any proper double blind placebo controlled study that proves that AZT is an effective medicine for the treatment of AIDS. AZT was approved for poisoning AIDS-victims even without a phase III trial.

Besides reading books and articles by AIDS-denialists; I went further. I searched for scientific evidence that proves:
1) AZT is deadly.
2) HIV doesn’t cause AIDS.
3) The HIV-tests that are claimed to test for HIV-antibodies (that’s not the same as HIV) are unreliable.
4) Multivitamins are superior over placebo for the treatment of AIDS-victims.

The most bizarre claim from AIDS-denialists is that some mad scientists have sort of glued 2 viruses together to make HIV, which miraculously causes AIDS. This is nothing but science fiction.

A list of unsupported assertions won't convince anyone.

Firestarter wrote:
Weaver wrote:Too bad that reality can so neatly show you're full of it with your assertions. Gates isn't pushing vaccines because they are harmful and result in deaths, he's pushing them because they are helpful - and because evidence shows that as health care, including vaccination, improves, people tend to have fewer children. This is because there are fewer kids dying early from preventable causes. This is a good thing, not some ludicrous conspiracy theory of health care professionals trying to kill off the population.
Say what???
Member of Bilderberg Melinda Gates, wife of the not richest man in the world, founded the “Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation” that is trying to get “wild polio” out of this world. Apparently it is really bad when (only) several hundreds of children die of “wild polio”, so ten thousands of children in India get paralysed by Non-Polio Acute Flaccid Paralysis (NPAFP), caused by the vaccine. See: ... sis-death/

Vaccination is a perfect way not only to murder children but to test chemical and biological weapons.
In 1997 the WHO and UNICEF introduced the National Immunization Days in Uganda. After many dead children and Kihura Nkuba discussing this on his radio shows, revolts broke out. The army of Uganda was used to vaccinate children with polio. Nkuba reported he had a terrible car crash, when two pick-up trucks forced him off the road. See: