Posted: Jan 09, 2017 6:48 pm
by The_Metatron
Fallible wrote:If you mean dreaming about your teeth falling out is about sex, or dreaming of a black dog means a death in the family, it's probably bollocks. If you mean dreaming about something a lot can probably be matched up with something you consider to be important, then, well, water is wet and cows go moo.

I think when that happens, it's as random as when it doesn't.

I'm in the camp that dreams are nonsense.

Not sure what brainOS is up to with those routines, but I've detected no usable patterns in any of my dreams, ever. As far as I remember, we don't remember most of them. I suspect we remember the really good ones, and the really bad ones, just because of their shock value.

Could be that brainOS is trying out different scenarios based on what it's learned to see how they end, and in so doing, adding to the value of our experiences. If my guess is at all close, and we best remember the really good and the really bad dreams, that may serve to move those actions that led to those dream results into conscious working memory, and may help guide our behavior to favor things that result in successes, and avoid those behaviors that result in failures.