Posted: Feb 23, 2017 10:32 pm
by archibald
At least the British Homeopathic Association sticks to the facts when writing about Belladonna:

"Even the number of petals of a flower has significance. In the ancient lore of numerology the number five possesses certain analogies – freedom, independence, changeability, rebelliousness, volatility, youth and adolescence, the five faculties and the sense pleasures. Five is also connected with fire and the colour red, which emotionally indicate passion and physically suggest inflammation. Fire is also symbolic of initiation, cleansing and regeneration."

"Behind the sternness of these mother goddesses abides a nurturing, infinite love for mankind working with seeming ruthlessness towards the destruction of the false-ego and the transcendence of the human psyche from the shadows towards the light." ... dimension/

You can't argue with that. So much for the suggestion that homeopathy is not legitimate medicine.