Posted: Mar 21, 2017 1:11 pm
by Rumraket
So we're besieged on all sides by nasty Big Pharma, Big Government, Big GenericCorp, Big Chemtrails, Big FEMA, Big Acorn, Big VaccineAutism, Big GenderIsASocialConstruct, Big HomosexualAgenda, Big DarwinLobby, Big Abortionist Genocide, Big Feminism, Big TransAtlanticTrade, Big MilitaryindustrialComplex, Big Illuminati, even bigger Big ISIS, Big Al Qaeda, Big Black Dicks and interracial marriage and... you name it. All of it a grand genocidal, anti-human conspiracy. Sociopaths, misanthropes and reptilian overlord controllers, all of them out to get, gas, grind and grope us.

Yet the world population is exponentially increasing. BigEverythingtm is apparently intensely incompetent. Bigly. It'll make your head spin.