Posted: May 07, 2017 8:26 am
by surreptitious57
Some people think that belief trumps the need for any evidence. That just thinking something is true [ or false ] is enough
for them. I prefer evidence because it is more reliable and tells the truth whether I like it or not. Since I am not bothered
by the truth it is not a problem for me. Now if only it was so for everyone. But even so I still defend the right of anyone to
think whatever they want as long as it does not impact upon anyone else. The problem however is that it does. This is why demonstrably false bullshit has to be called out at every available opportunity for the bullshit it is. Whether this be crystal healing for animals or vaccine denial for children or gay conversion therapy or mediums contacting the dead. They all prey on the vulnerable and gullible and are without justification. And they should all be illegal. Ones right to think bullshit does not extend to imposing it on others. And is why the line between thinking something and doing it is a very thick one indeed