Posted: Jun 24, 2017 3:19 pm
by lpetrich
KeenIdiot wrote:I've met a few hardliners defenders, noticed the old electric universe Hypothesis crowd has been growing some and Velikovsky is popular with them.

Velikovsky himself was an early advocate of electric-universe notions: Cosmos Without Gravitation (1946)

THE FUNDAMENTAL theory of this paper is: Gravitation is an electromagnetic phenomenon. There is no primary motion inherent in planets and satellites. Electric attraction, repulsion, and electromagnetic circumduction(1) govern their movements. The moon does not “fall,” attracted to the earth from an assumed inertial motion along a straight line, nor is the phenomenon of objects falling in the terrestrial atmosphere comparable with the “falling effect” in the movement of the moon, a conjecture which is the basic element of the Newtonian theory of gravitation.

He then described a lot of gravity-defying effects, like our atmosphere being well-mixed and not sorted out by molecular weight, water droplets in clouds, the Sun's approximate sphericity, and the like. Except that none of them presents any problem for gravity.

He then got into some theoretical problems for gravity.

Gravitation acts in no time. Laplace calculated that, in order to keep the solar system together, the gravitational pull must propagate with a velocity at least fifty million times greater than the velocity of light. A physical agent requires time to cover distance. Gravitation defies time.

That is correct for a scalar gravitational potential, but general relativity features a tensor potential, and that produces some convenient cancellations.

Then the problem of lack of anything in between. That's where field theories come in, and GR features distortion of space-time as its field.

Then how gravity can't be blocked and how everything in the Universe must be pulled apart from gravity acting on all side.

He then claims that his electromagnetic theory of gravity can explain why the planets' orbits are approximately coplanar, why comets' tails point away from the Sun, and gravity-defying atmospheric effects.