Posted: Nov 01, 2017 7:53 pm
by John Hendry
Yes it's absolutely true it was "said" it was all a big mistake caused by a loose cable after Fermilab's observations of the same mistaken muon phase "superluminal" neutrino behavior, and after OPERA spent two years conducting over 15,000 runs carefully measured and picked apart looking for the cause of the "error" which included all connections, and later changing the experiment after going public to satisfy challenges only to come up with the same measurement again. But most importantly the claim was made AFTER it was made obvious the observation is caused by the asymmetry of the weak force sending a SLAC 158 Google search to 100 search pages in less than a month.

The muon phase "superluminal" observations are the key to physics and reach back to the 40's when the same "superluminal" observations connected to the speed of light were first made using the photon, and more importantly after seeing it related to the neutrino in 2011, from 2010 through 2015 Professor Rao, formerly a Professor of Medical Physics at the Himalayan Institute of Medical Sciences in India, took the observation to a new level when he also measured what appeared to be superluminal X-rays showing a correction to E=mc2 was obviously needed to explain how the parts involved with creating the speed of light work together: E=(m{a})c2. The correction is as simple as it is obvious but it's not something most people can see to understand. However below is something anyone here can see as it's just basic math used to apply a ratio to light traveling 453.6 miles to compare results, and there is no argument that OPERA announced worldwide muon neutrinos were being measured at (v-c)/c=2.48e-5 sec showing a gain of 2.48e-5 of a second added to the SOL.

Weak Force Asymmetry {a} adds 1hour/3600 seconds every 1000 years: Re: SLAC E158 data "using clocks". Muon neutrinos do not exceed speed of light as CERN/OPERA said "if the data is correct". The neutrino is created at the speed of light adding to the speed of light measurement just like the photon "tricks" Sommerfeld detected in 1948. (Because their phase angle is @ theta 23 unlike electron neutrinos but you don't need to understand that to see the data match.)

3600sec / 1000 years = 3.6 seconds of weak force asymmetry time added in a year, the distance light travels in 3.6 seconds.

3.6 sec x 186282 (speed of light) = 670615.2 miles added to the speed of light in one year

670615.2 / 365.2425 year = 1836.082055072999 miles added to speed of light in one day

1836.082055072999 / 24 hours = 76.50341896137498 miles added to speed of light in one hour

76.50341896137498 / 60 minutes = 1.275056982689583 miles added to speed of light in one minute

1.275056982689583 / 60 seconds = 0.021250949711493 of a mile added to speed of light in one second

Now that we know the know the {a} asy time/distance added in a second to the speed of light (0.021 mile) we need to know the fraction of a second speed of light distance it took for light to travel only 453.6 miles which is the distance CERN's neutrinos traveled to know how much {a} asy time to add to the speed of light traveling 453.6 miles and see if the {a} weak force asymmetry gain in time matches CERN's 2.48e-5 sec neutrino gain in time.

So we simply divide 186282 miles (which equals one second) by 453.6 miles (the SOL fraction of one second distance the neutrinos traveled) to acquire the weak force asymmetry value added to the speed of light.

186282/453.6 miles = 410.6746031746032 (or 453.6 x 410.6746031746032 =186282 SOL)

Now we add the weak force asymmetry time gained to the fraction of one second value of 410.67

0.021250949711493 / 410.6746031746032 = 5.174644243208279 e-5 This shows the forward/back total neutrino oscillation time gained in 453.6 miles caused by the asymmetry of the weak force.

Now notice the total asymmetry time gained of 5.17 e-5 sec is almost exactly double CERN's 2.48 e-5 sec past the speed of light. The next two simple calculations change physics by applying space to time to adding a 4th oscillation phase to the atom (graviton) and a second reverse arrow to time needed to support the "missing" graviton misnamed the hole shown opposite the electron and use CERN's data to show it's correct length relative to the electron and prove time has asymmetry that supports the force of gravity exactly as I had been saying for years never expecting this to happen and be so easy to prove. It shows that E=T, and time like energy must be conserved.

We add a second reverse arrow (required for time to have asymmetry) for time by dividing 5.174644243208279 e-5 in half.

5.174644243208279 e-5 / 2 = 2.58732212160414 e-5 sec

So we have 2.58732212160414 e-5 sec weak force asymmetry time gained in the forward arrow of time,
and 2.58732212160414 e-5 sec weak force asymmetry time gained in the reverse arrow of time.

We now expose the cause of gravity as a force associated with the geometry of Spacetime by adding the difference in length left over to the second reverse arrow using CERN's measurement which provides the correct forward arrow measurement of weak force asymmetry added in 453.6 miles by subtracting the forward arrow gain of 2.48e-5 sec from half of the ratio gained in 453.6 miles of 2.58 e-5 sec.

2.58 e-5 - 2.48 e-5 = 0.10 e-5

We now add it to the second reverse arrow 2.58 e-5 + 0.10e-5 = 2.68 e-5 sec.

So using SLAC's exceptionally specific E158 WF Asy ratio obtained from adding the distance light travels in one hour to the distance light travels in one thousand years applied to light traveling 453.6 miles anyone of average intelligence can see using basic math that SLAC's E158 data matches CERN's neutrino data announced worldwide @ (v-c)/c=2.48e-5 sec in 453.6 miles by creating an asymmetry in time, what you call gravity.

And back to the "loose cable" claim remember there is more than just money involved with modern Science that creates the weapons of War, and History shows what the politics will produce. Only a fool would dismiss Human Nature to believe ignorance and greed is not involved in all aspects of science just as Einstein warned us in saying he would not lift a finger if he had known what Humans would do next. So look around at what is obvious before letting your emotions replace your logic. Basic math is not word soup and anyone calling it that is simply expressing how they feel in failing to debunk the truth... which they don't understand so they debunk everything as that's a lot safer than believing everything people say.