Posted: Nov 01, 2017 9:54 pm
by John Hendry
This has nothing to do with mind bending and "conspiracy theorists". The twin towers and building 7 did not fall down and then get back up to remain "as was". Come on... use some logic. What fact did I really dismiss? It is a known fact that SLAC's E158 team measured the asymmetry of the weak force and in 2004 announced it adds one hour every thousand years. So think how real and specific the ratio is to apply it to light traveling the tiny short distance of 453.6 miles and see it match exactly as stated years in advance.

And don't forget after seeing their E158 ratio match CERN/OPERA's neutrino measurement of 2.48e-5 sec by creating an asymmetry in time of 0.20e-5 sec that SLAC went back over their BaBar experiment's data and using the 3rd "unrelated" (to the neutrino) experiment confirmed time has asymmetry and announced the discovery a year later in Nov 2012 giving it a whopping sigma 14 level of certainty. And all put together it shows the three experiments are related because the neutrino is the photons force carrier space which is associated with other complex observations made back in the 30's so hardly a new "theory" all on its own.

And the undisputed basic math above shows the E158 ratio matches CERN/OPERA's 2.48e-5 sec gain even if you don't accept the asymmetry in time created because it's well within the accepted stated margin of error which brings us back to how incredibly specific the ratio is showing a match by coincidence is close to impossible... whereas Humans telling lies over a new discovery connected to power and money is a known fact and is to be expected. Look what happened to Rosalind Franklin and discovery.... this is not the first time it has happened and the pattern shows a cycle connected to human nature you can set your clock by.

Honestly I don't think you opened up a calculator and did the math yourself to see the E158 ratio match. It was said it would be the most important announcement in the History of Man if CERN/OPERA's measurement @ (v-c)/c=2.48e-5 sec was proven correct. Of course nothing beat's CERN saying everything was back to normal after they fixed the "loose" cable and reran the experiment where the new measurement showed a muon neutrino traveling at the speed of light "as expected" because either way the results are known to be impossible since 2015 based on what we know of the laws of physics. But it's not the laws of physics that are at fault... it's people with a degree in physics that believe but don't understand what they were taught: that Einstein was wrong, there is no logic to apply on the scale of an atom, and it's OK to use dice making a measurement because that's how God did it.

Now tell the truth... did you do the math? If you think about it you won't understand it. But if you just copy it using a calculator to check it then you will see what it does. It looks complicated because of the size of the numbers but the hard part is done and what's left to copy is 6th grade level math using a calculator. And that's hard to dismiss unlike human nature and what you would expect to happen.