Posted: Dec 29, 2017 4:07 pm
by aliihsanasl
Ayhan Coskun wrote:thank you

like I think the twin thing and mothers feeling their childrens pain is just because theirs a close connection, the mother basically sacrificed everything to raise their child, my friend told me his son got bullied in school and he felt like he was getting bullied, that just because someone you love so much is hurt you feel hurt as well, there is nothing metaphysically going on if that what you I got the impression you mean some sort of.....idk like esp related connection. is that what you meant or?????

My attention in such a phenomenon would come from identical twins having the same DNA and thats extremely rare in nature and in mother's cases kids are a part of their body.

But as far as I know there is nothing proved scientifically and these are just rumours.

You know the city Adana in Turkey, number of former life vision experiences mentioned in a few TV programs and newspapers and then its understood that reincarnation was actually a part of the belief system of these people and only this certain community had such a claim.

To this day I never saw anything supernatural in my life but on youtube there are people who claim that dogs paying respect to morning prayer and barking, actually animals questioning "why this idiot yelling that much at that hour ?"

For some this is supernatural phenomenon.