Posted: Feb 15, 2018 1:07 pm
by aban57
Papa Smurf wrote:
aban57 wrote:But I couldn't find a site listing the reasons why it's impossible.

You can't 'prove' a negative, which is what you're basically asking for (and of course you cannot prove anything outside of maths).

Luckily though, the burden of evidence is on those making the claim. If they want to make such claims they should at least either propose a plausible mechanism explaining why this could be true, and/or provide proper stastical evidence to at least establish that there is a correlation which does not imply a causal effect of course but it would be a start.

Indeed, that's exactly how I looked at this problem in the first place. Unfortunately, we're dealing here with something people assume is true because they've heard it since they were kids. But they're not capable of giving a plausible explanation. That's why I'm trying to find a way to explain them how it's not possible.