Posted: Mar 19, 2018 7:24 am
by UltimoReducto
Spearthrower wrote:
Rachel Bronwyn wrote:Every cancer is different as is every chemotherapy regimen so blanket statements just don't apply to the discussion of chemotherapy cost/benefit analysis.

We've all seen someone suffer through chemo and die. It's not a valid argument against.

Precisely: As, I expect, we've all seen someone die from cancer without undergoing chemotherapy.

It's the cancer that's the killer, and the chemotherapy is a calculated risk fully explained to the patients. No patient goes into chemo thinking 'Well, that's me sorted - I'll be right as rain in a few days cos the doc promised me'.

Fully explained to the patients, are you mad!? Doctor spends all of 30 seconds with a patient, regurgitating the liability portion of his insurance contract. Doctors do not make any attempt whatsoever to educate patients. Doctors scoff at you for doubting them if you ask questions. Not to mention socialized medicine making your choice artificially cheap at the expense of our pocketbooks. Give em the hundreds of thousands of dollars instead and they’ll all be a lot happier. That’s a certainty not a risk.