Posted: Apr 20, 2018 8:00 am
by Thommo
I suppose another test would be to take a trip to Australia and see if they all get repulsed off the planet as well. Since in Australia the "downward" repulsive cosmological force (as described in the quoted section) would combine with the outward repulsive force between the positive charge of the Earth and the Australians.

Gravity on earth

The positive charge of earth creates a positive field (Figure 15). An atom or a nuclear located at close proximity to earth experiences this field. This positive field pulls on negative E particles and pushes on positive P particles forming a dipole with a weak positive pole facing the earth and a strong positive pole facing away from the earth. The weak positive pole decreases the repulsive force from the direction of the earth and the strong positive pole increases the repulsive cosmological force from above pushing the atom or nuclear down.